Arc Review : Finding Mr. Better-Than-You by Shani Petroff 💙

Book : Finding Mr.Better-Than-You

Author : Shani Petroff

Genre : YA Contemporary

Publisher : Swoon Reads

Publication Date : 15th January, 2020

Want to read a book about strong friendships, relatable characters and self-discovery? Pick Finding Mr-Better-Than-You by Shani Petroff up! I enjoyed reading the book with all my heart.
Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for sending me the arc of Finding Mr. Better-Than-You in exchange of an honest review! 💙 The book has been released already, and I want all of you guys to read it, because it’s truly beautiful. ❤
Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads ~

Camryn has been dating Marc FOREVER—since freshman year! She dropped out of volleyball to go to all his games, switched her schedule around to be in his favorite class, and has been busting her butt to get into Columbia so they can go to the same college. So when Marc suddenly, and very publically, breaks up with her a week into their senior year so that he can date the new transfer student, she’s absolutely devastated.

But why be sad, when you can get even? Inspired by her favorite movies, Camryn decides that the best revenge is a Senior Year well lived, starring a boy who is ever so much better than her ex. With a little help from her friends, Cam is going to have the Best. Senior. Year. Ever.

Or else!

My thoughts :
The book’s storyline might feel like nothing new, but believe me, this book will exceed all your expectations about it. The book doesn’t revolve around romance, btw. The story starts off with Cam’s breakup with her long-time boyfriend, but swiftly transforms into a story about her re-discovering herself with the support of her wonderful group of friends.
• Our main character, Cam has such a bubbly and bright personality! I loved reading about her so, so much. She’s a little (or a lot) stubborn too, which might make her character unlikable at times, but you’ll get used to her determination for getting the things she wants, and even love her for it in the end. I related to her so many times, specially with her love for rom-coms! Her character development was really noteworthy. It made me really proud to see how she learnt to put herself first without holding herself back for others in the end.

• My favorite part of the book was definitely the friendships. Cam had such a strong support system ~ her friends picked her up whenever she needed. They even acted like a mirror to show the path leading to her truest self.
• I’m really impressed with Shani Petroff’s writing style. She made the book so easy to read, while delivering inportant messages for young people along the way. Really looking forward to reading more of her books!