Mini Review : We Are Family by Nicola Gill


Book : We Are Family

Author : Nicola Gill

Genre : Contemporary

Personal Rating : 3.25/5 stars

Publisher : Avon Books UK

Hello bookworms! I’ll be reviewing We Are Family by Nicola Gill today. Many thanks to the publisher for the e-arc in exchange of an honest review.

Synopsis : 

Laura has a laid back attitude to life. Her home isn’t spotless, and after a hard day she likes to take to bed with a block of cheese.

Jess, on the other hand, is your classic overachiever: The Big Sister, Chief of Chivvying, Queen of the family WhatsApp. Her life is picture-perfect.

Laura and Jess lost their dad when they were kids, and now their mum is gone too. And one of the hardest times in life is made harder by the fact they can’t agree on a single thing, from where to scatter the ashes to whether “passed away” is even an acceptable term.

But when Laura starts pushing her own boundaries and Jess agrees to let other people in to her (not so) perfect life, the two women realize they need each other more than ever. They might not be ready to admit it, but family is everything…

A funny, tender and thoroughly entertaining read for anyone who loves Marian Keyes, Ruth Jones, and Fleabag.

My thoughts :

We Are Family by Nicola Gill was one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. I’ve been seeing Nicola’s books on my bookstagram feed a lot for the last few months, and I really wanted to try her books out. We Are Family’s blurb seemed really interesting, and I’m really glad that I got the chance to review it. As my personal rating shows, I ended up having mixed feelings about the book. It was a good read, nevertheless.

We Are Family is about the complicated relationship between two sisters, Laura and Jess, and how they figure out a way to make a new space for each other  in their lives after their mother’s death. This book touched many complex issues that arise in a family, including favoritism among your own children, which was basically the background of Laura and Jess’ troubled feelings towards each other. I liked how the author didn’t try to sugar-coat any of the problems that the sisters faced, especially the ones with their mother, and wrote about a dysfunctional family in such a detailed manner. Themes of grief and self-worth were expressed perfectly in the book too. I loved seeing the sisters come closer to each other and fix their relationship gradually throughout the book. The ending was satisfactory and had a twist which added a dramatic touch to the storyline!

Things I didn’t like : This book had more of a character-driven storyline than a plot-driven one, which is why I didn’t enjoy it much as I wanted too. Since the book is only told through Laura’s POV, I felt that the book lacked the depth it needed for building up a story about two sisters. I wanted to know more about Jess and her life too. Laura was not a really likable character in the first half of the book either, which made me think about not finishing the book at times. The last few chapters were a bit rushed too, a lot of things kept happening all at once.

Overall, if you’re a fan of family dramas and character-driven books, you can pick We Are A Family up!

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