ARC Review : 11 Paper Hearts by Kelsey Hartwell

Book: 11 Paper Hearts

Author: Kelsey Hartwell

Genre: Contemporary

Personal Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Underlined (Penguin Random House)

Publication Date: 5th of January, 2021

Hello, book fam!  I’m almost a week late to wish you guys, but Happy New Year! I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead! 2020 hasn’t been easy for any of us, so here’s to hoping that 2021 will turn out to be a year filled with sunshine and smiles.

Bookish life update – I finished reading my first read of 2021: 11 Paper Hearts by Kelsey Hartwell yesterday, woohoo! I decided to start the year with a YA novel for getting all the fluffy and cozy feels. I didn’t pick a lot of YAs last year, and I miss the warmth which comes from reading about cute, teenage characters, you know?

Perfect for fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, 11 Paper Hearts is a YA contemporary rom-com about a girl who follows a trail of paper hearts from her mystery admirer. Many thanks to Penguin Random House International #partner and Underlined for the free review copy.

Ella’s life was picture perfect. She had a circle of close friends, a jam-packed social life, and an amazing boyfriend. But then something completely unexpected happened: a car accident after a Valentine’s Day dance. When Ella woke up in the hospital, she couldn’t remember the accident . . . or anything about the weeks before it, including the reason she broke up with her boyfriend.

Now, a year later, she begins receiving paper hearts from a mysterious admirer who seems to have the answers she craves. Ella is intrigued. The hearts contain clues to help Ella remember her life before . . . and take her on a journey she never imagined. Following the paper hearts is the most spontaneous thing Ella has ever done . . . but will she find love?

11 Paper Hearts was the perfect book to start 2020 with! I loved every moment of cozying up to this adorable little novel. Ella’s story was sweet, had a lot of emotional depth and the added touch of mystery made reading the book really enjoyable. It’s definitely one of those rare YA novels that will hold your attention all throughout the story. 💜

Ella was a really relatable teenager! Her struggles to fit in, even with her closest friends after her tragic car accident laid a very strong foundation for the story. As you grow older, you start to realize who the real people in your life are – this fact was perfectly portrayed through various truth bombs that were dropped throughout the book.  I’ve found it very hard to stand up to my friends, just like Ella does in 11 Paper Hearts, so I really connected to her that way. One of the book’s biggest lessons is: Life is very short, so we should let go of the toxic people and make space for the ones who bring out the best side of us. 

The sibling dynamic between Ella and Ashley was definitely one of the highlights of reading 11 Paper Hearts for me! Seeing the growth in their relationship made my heart feel so full! They had their ups and downs along the way, but that’s what made their bond so real, you know? I loved reading about Andy too! Nerdy guys in books make me go all soft and sappy, and Andy was no different. His conversations with Ella made reading the book so much better!

I’ll end the review with my favorite part of reading the book – The mystery of the 11 Paper Hearts! The author created such a unique plotline by making Ella follow the trail of paper hearts. It was both heart-touching and fascinating to see that someone was trying really hard to help Ella remember the 11 weeks that she had no memory of for the accident. I thought I’d figured out who the mystery admirer was, but boy I was so wrong! The ending was just the sweetest thing ever.  

Highly recommend picking 11 Paper Hearts when it comes out tomorrow. I hope you guys love reading it as much as I did! 😁

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